Bulk SMS India – A New Mobile Revolution

March 4, 2013 at 3:30 pm Leave a comment

India was woken up to a new mobile revolution and it is that of the bulk SMS. This system is taking the country by storm as several companies, government institutions and organizations are making use of it to reach out to people. Be it to inform people about a general protocol or to promote an upcoming event or the launch of a product, bulk SMS is being used almost everywhere. It can be used in a varied number of places.


The chain of bulk SMS in India is currently quite diverse. Say for example, the police department needs to make an announcement about a protocol that they will be introducing. The easiest way to make people aware of it is by sending bulk SMS to all the people. They can promote it elsewhere as well, like in the newspapers and the radio, but nothing reaches out to people more than an SMS. The same goes with nonprofit organizations. If an organization wishes to organize a candle light march to protest a certain activity, all they need to do is send out bulk SMS to the people of that area and appeal to them to join it, and the work is done. The turn around will be more than expected.


With every passing day, more and more organizations are useing this process to reach out to people as it is fast and cost effective, The mobile networks use bulk SMS gateway, which is a software and that helps the bulk SMS to reach the intended audience within a matter of minutes. Even though there is heavy network traffic, the SMS reach the intended audience fast and in time. This software also helps to transfer several SMS at a time and that makes a better impact. It would not make sense if one SMS reached a person now and the same SMS reached someone else an hour later. That way it would be difficult to synchronize the activities. This software takes away all these worries and makes sure that the impact that the sender wants to create, happens and with effect.


This bulk SMS system is also being used to vote. There are various TV shows that encourage viewers to respond by voting. These can be competitions, TV sagas, or even news items. The viewers are required to vote in favor of their favorite contestant, or the incident that they liked most or even the vote for their reaction to a real life news item. The voting SMS  system makes the viewers more involved in whatever is being telecast and that helps the TV show producers to understand the trend that the common public is following. This way a pattern is being set and people are becoming more vocal about their choices.


Overall, the bulk SMS system is making its presence felt in every nook and cranny of the society and common people are relying on this communication mode for the vital information that keeps their life going in full swing. India is becoming dependent on the bulk SMS system for the decisions the common man is making and the information that is being circulated in society.


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