Voice SMS Service Creates an Instant Impact

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If we have got used to anything in modern life so much so that our existence revolves around it, it is the cell phone. Not an hour can pass without it. Be it calling, or texting, our cell phone is an integral part of our life. This fact has been truly comprehended by people in the advertising and marketing field. So when they have to promote their products, they either call us or text us. The reason for texting to promote goods and services is simple. We are often busy, and promotional calls are not welcome. But a message does not hinder us from what we are doing. We can take a look at it when we have time.

Various companies are opting for various methods to make their products sell. One of the unique methods they are using is the voice SMS service. It is just like the text message, but instead of text, it has a voice tag. This mode of communication is proving to be quite useful. The voice messages are composed in a way, that the recipient feels that he/she is the only intended listener since they can be composed in any language. There is a limit in text message with respect to the text that can be typed. However, with a voice message, a lot can be said, and that too with emotions. Also, it serves the same purpose of calling minus the caller having to face an angry hang-up. And finally, the procedure is too simple. The voice tag has to be composed and the number to which the message needs to be sent has to be added to it. So all these facilities makes the voice SMS service a top choice for the marketing group.

Many companies want a two-way communication with the target audience. So they set up their numbers in a way where the target group can send in their queries and feedback. It has been seen that using a short code or a 4 to 5 digit number for such services works best. The short code is easy to remember and in case the recipient wants to revert with questions or suggestions, he/she is free to do so. Keeping the two way SMS option open works best for most companies as most of the time they feel that they have nailed it with their strategy. However, they may be wrong, as their approach may not be appreciated by the recipients. This 2-way communication helps to clear the air.

The marketing groups have two aims. Firstly they want to introduce the product that they are selling, and secondly, they seek feedback from the common man who is their potential buyer. To achieve these two objectives, they send SMS to mobile phones. Their research brings up a list of people who are their potential customers and they are the recipient of such messages. Most companies use the system of sending such SMS in bulk.


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