Voice SMS Creates Greater Impact in Mobile Advertising

January 23, 2013 at 12:37 pm Leave a comment

For a very long time, people have been trying to find different ways of marketing their products. The latest method is by using the mobile technology. Not only are people using SMS to text their product specifications to the potential clients, but they are also using these SMS to understand what the customers think about their products.

The companies which use the SMS technology to market their products use the bulk SMS gateway so that all the SMS can be routed through a mobile network to reach the customers. To be able to send bulk SMS, the senders need to create an account and have a PC. It is from the PC that they send the SMS after creating the SMS. The numbers from which such SMS are sent are either short codes or long codes. A short code reseller is one who sells the SMSs to the people who want to send bulk SMS. These short codes are 4 or 5 digit numbers that are easy for people to remember. Therefore, when a customer wants to reply to the SMS that he/she receives, the short codes come in handy. The customers can reply to the SMS with comments on the products advertised, they can also send queries about the product and there can also be suggestions about the product specifications and the advertising modes. This two way communication helps a great deal to improve the way the product is marketed. Not only does the producer understand what the customers like or dislike about the product, but the advertising methods are also tested and can be improved if necessary.

Bulk SMS helps a lot in the mobile advertising field. There is no need for anyone to sit and type a message multiple times before sending it to numerous customers. This method of bulk SMS provides an account that can store the replies of the customers and also keep a record of the SMS sent to people. This helps in future reference and comes useful for posterity. Another way that companies use to advertise goods is through voice SMS. This is simple and direct. This type of message is a short string of words that describes the product and can be sent to various mobile numbers. It is the verbal form of the text message that is sent to the users. This type of message can create a greater impact on the people who receive it. It often happens that when we receive an advertising message, we tend to ignore it and at times we delete it as well. But with a voice SMS, people can hear the entire message and understand what the advertisement is all about. The impact here is greater as there is a human voice speaking to you and once you hear something, you tend to retain it in your mind.


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