The Various Facets of SMS Marketing

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The art of advertising has evolved greatly and as we stand today, marketing, advertising, promoting and endorsing a product has become quite detailed. No more do the advertisers depend on the age-old methods of TV ads or newspaper ads to do their bit. The methods have become more direct and the endorsers are relying on methods that cannot miss the attention of the potential customers.

This has made SMS marketing extremely popular with several brands. The way this method functions is quite simple. The target audience receives SMS with details of the product or service that a company is selling. The details are specific and are presented in an attractive fashion. Most of these messages also have the prices of the products or services. These SMS are of two types. One is when the customer receives it and can just read it. But the second type is when the customer can reply to this SMS. The second variant is preferred by most companies as it is the best way to communicate with the clientele. The replies to these SMS are usually queries about the product. When the initial SMS catches the attention of the potential client, he/she may want to know more about it. This two way SMS facilitates this communication. The responses can also be about the SMS that was sent. People can revert back with suggestions to make these SMS more interesting.

These types of SMS are sent to the potential clients in lots. It is called the bulk SMS service. Just imagine, if a person had to sit and type each message before sending it out! This job would be tiresome, time-consuming and complicated as the SMS would have to be typed every time the message was being sent out to the long list of people. So an effective way was devised. Just as you can send the same e-mail to numerous people at one go, you can do the same in case of the SMS as well. And the best part is that this process can be executed from a PC. The sender needs to compose the SMS like an e-mail and then send it to those mobile numbers that he/she has enlisted. Usually the company that employs people to send these bulk SMS, creates a database of the mobile numbers of all those people who they think are their potential customers. All the sender has to do after composing the SMS is send the SMS to the numbers that are present in the database.

When a person receives such an SMS, he/she sees a number from where these messages have been sent. These numbers are either 10-digit numbers or 4 to 5 digit numbers and they are called the long codes and short codes respectively. Most people prefer using the long codes or the 10-digit numbers as they are not only capable of sending SMS, but can also be used for calling. These numbers can also be integrated with unified communications.


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