Start Your Own Bulk SMS Reseller Business

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There is a growing demand of bulk SMS nowadays as SMS are being used as an important tool for marketing products. This demand has led to a new career called bulk SMS reselling. This helps in reselling SMS units so that SMS can be sent out to potential buyers and feedback can be received about these products.

Companies promote their goods by sending SMS to their potential clients. The SMS have details about the product, the utility of the product, its price and where the item is available. But sending the SMS to a large target group can be tedious. That is the reason they send out SMS in bulk. Mobile carriers sell SMS units. A bulk SMS reseller buys these SMS units in wholesale price and resells them to the companies who are in need of the units. This business is quite safe and requires a very small amount of investment. All you have to do is buy the SMS units, and sell these units to the companies who want to send these SMS to their target audience. Such a reseller does not need a fully furnished office, or huge staff forces to run the business. In fact, the returns from this business are guaranteed. The profit is the difference in the cost price of the SMS units and the selling price that the reseller decides.

While most of these SMS are aimed at delivering the details of the product that is being sold, there are facilities that allow the SMS receiver to revert back. This is the 2 way SMS service. With the help of this type of service, a potential buyer can revert back with questions about the product. These queries can be about the product, the stores in which they are available and the discounts available on these items & also about the various functionality of the product. The SMS sender can even receive feedbacks in the form of replies from the SMS receivers. The feedback can be positive and also something that can help in the improvement of the product. These feedbacks also sometimes help in improving the marketing strategies.

These SMS are sent from either a 10 digit number called the long codes or the numbers that comprise of 4 to 5 digits. These are called the SMS short codes. Most people prefer the short codes when it comes to reverting back. The reason is simple; they have just 4 or 5 digits that help the common man to remember the number. In this way it becomes easy for them to send replies if they want to do so. This facility is made available to the public so that they feel involved in the process of marketing and also see their comments being incorporated in the product itself.

The entire SMS marketing system runs on the base of sending bulk SMS to numerous people. This can be made possible only if SMS is available in bulk. Since the business is booming, people have sought a career out of it and are able to make money by reselling SMS units in bulk.


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