Send Online SMS in Reality Shows & Make Your Opinion Matter

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Communication was never simpler; mobile phones have changed the face of calling up family and friends and being in touch with people who stay in different parts of the world. This mode of communication has become so popular that it has been utilized by business owners. Not only mobile marketing, but reality TV has also used SMS as a form to understand the public opinion. This way they make the viewers feel one with a show and also make money of it.

Years back, people thought movies and theatre were the only recreational activities. Then the era of television which aired soaps and serials began. But the modern days have TV shows that have reality series. Some of them are competitions for singers, dancers, cooks, and some are survival shows. But the one thing that is common in these shows is that the competitors stay on the show depending on the viewer’s choice. Each competitor is assigned a number or a code and viewers need to send an SMS with the number or code of the player they want to see in the game. The person with the least number of votes is evicted. The voting SMS service makes sure that the public opinion matters and at the same time there is business out of the voting. For every vote cast, the voter is charged a certain amount of money.

This voting process is not just restricted to the country where the television show is taking place. At times it goes international. So the voting lines are open to a wide range of people. People overseas can also cast their votes for their favorite contestant. Since sending an international SMS can be very expensive, there is the opportunity to send online SMS. Voters can cast their votes through the internet. The TV show has a site where the details of the contestants are available. The voter must select the name of the person for whom he/she wants to vote. These votes are counted along with the SMS votes. Overseas voters and local voters can use this facility to make their opinion known. In fact this method is cost effective and fast. The sites also give the voters a chance to know more about the contestants and decide who should be voted in.

Like online voting, some people prefer to use a virtual mobile number. These numbers are linked to IP addresses and this enables them to receive calls from MSN, G-talk, Google messenger, and other online messenger services. People using the virtual number can forward their mobile calls to these numbers. In this way international calls are routed to the virtual numbers and the cost of calling also drops. This number acts like any other mobile number. Just as you change mobile phone settings, you can change the settings of the calls you receive in the virtual number as well.

Mobile phone technology has evolved greatly. It has not only made the communication industry fast and effective, but also made it cost effective.


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