Send Bulk SMS via FTP Upload

January 19, 2010 at 4:20 pm Leave a comment

Specifically used for large Bulk SMS push campaigns. FTP API allows users to upload text files or excel file directly to a FTP location and the messages will be automatically delivered to the target audience.

How to Use?

The sender has to export the messages and the mobile numbers to a simple text file and upload the file to the mVaayoo servers using the FTP accounts provided and the mVaayoo systems recognizes the files and picks the data to send SMS accordingly.

a) Uploading Files to FTP account
The sender will upload files to FTP locations using the FTP accounts. The files should be having the extensions .TXT, .CSV and .ZIP. In .ZIP file extension files should wither be .TXT or .CSV. In addition to the above files one more file with the extension .DONE need to be uploaded. This is to make sure that the file upload is complete. Unless the .DONE file is uploaded mVaayoo system will not be recognizing uploaded file.

b) File Processing
Sender uploads files with extension .TXT or .CSV using the FTP accounts details provided. These files are saved in the FTP locations. mVaayoo application checks for uploaded files in the FTP locations every minute from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM everyday. mVaayoo application will pick the files which are already uploaded with .DONE files and process the file.

c) Sending SMS
mVaayoo application will pick the successfully uploaded file and start processing. Application will verify credit availability in mVaayoo user account from which file is uploaded. On successful reserve of credits the application will start sending the SMS to the users mentioned in the file uploaded.

For further details, please call us at +91 9618844333


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